is committed for best product and services to entire satisfaction of customers’ requirements. Sophistication and after sales service is a major consideration for policy decision.

SIDDHARTH ENTERPRISES believes in longtime, repeated business because of its authentic product and best services rendered to all its customers‚ with continual improvement in the effectiveness of Quality Management systems.

At Siddharth we have the capability to design, manufacture and test spray nozzles and equipment for special and most demanding applications, As an example‚ we have designed and supplied special purpose nozzles for a critical application to Indian Space Research Organization which required a tolerance of ± 1% for flow rate and ± 2° forspray angle.

The greatest hazard for us is not, that we set our objectives too high and then we cannot achieve them, but that we set too small goals for ourselves, and we attain them.
Karl Pilsl (1948) Austrian economy-journalist, businessman and market researcher.

Testing / Inspection Facilities

We have fabricated a special test bench to check the performance of Spray Nozzles.These test benches are each designed to test flow capacities ranging from 1.0 lpm to 3000 lpm. we also have a special test rig for spray distribution analysis. For C.I.P./W.I.P. application a unique transparent demonstration tank has been designed wherein the spray impact can be monitored at varying pressures and the spray coverage can be measured.