flat fanSiddharth FLAT FAN NOZZLES give a uniform curtain shaped flat spray with tapering edges reducing water droplets from medium to fine size. These nozzles have elliptical orifices, which are designed machined and manufactured to close tolerances to ensure desired flow and performance.

The low flow rate ensures good atomization whereas powerful jet impacts are achieved by higher capacities and narrow angle. Absence of inserts makes it insensitive to impurities thereby avoiding clogging. However spray tips with low flow rates for applications such as moistening, misting, humidification etc. are used in conjunction with strainers to avoid clogging.

These nozzles are also made available in single piece to 3 piece construction to ensure easy and fast handling. Single piece being threaded end connection nozzle ranging from 1/8” BSP / NPT − M/F to 3” BSP / NPT − Male / Female‚ whereas 3 piece is a spray tip being used in conjunction with a nipple‚ strainer and retainer nut.

High velocity descaling dovetail tips are ideal for cleaning applications in steel industries where a powerful impact water jet is required. These nozzles can withstand pressures up to 200 bar producing hard hitting edges. The material of construction of these nozzles is usually being Tungsten carbide or H.S.S.

Material of construction for Flat Fan Nozzles can range from Brass‚ S.S.‚ Hastalloy‚ P.T.F.E.‚ H.S.S. etc to any other machinable material.

Application: These nozzles find wide application in descaling‚ cleaning‚ degreasing‚ washing‚ spray washing‚ rinsing‚ cooling etc.


Full ConeSiddharth Full cone spray nozzles give a uniform circular and square shape sprays. These nozzles are precisely designed and manufactured to close tolerances for uniform spray distribution and reliable performances. They are made available in 2 fundamentally different swirling principles. − The Axial Full cone & The Tangential Full cone.

The axial full cone has an ‘X’ shaped insert that enables uniform distribution, reduces clogging and produces wide angles. Its main function though is controlling the discharge and spray angles.

The Tangential entry full cone is a unique design without any inserts thus making it clog resistant. This is made possible due to the wide inlet and outlets, which creates a maximum free passage for the liquid. All this is achieved without any distortion or fluctuation in the spray.

End connections: These nozzles are available in screwed end connections to a maximum of 4” BSP / NPT − Male / Female whereas larger sizes are provided with flanged end connections.

Material of construction usually being Brass, S.S.‚ Hastalloy‚ P.T.F.E. or any other machinable material as per process requirements.

These nozzles find application in cooling quenching‚ coke‚ dust suppression‚ scrubbing of flue gases‚ removing of fly ash etc.