To meet the cleaning requirements of large volumetric tanks utilized by Breweries, Distilleries, Dairies, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Petrochemical Industries, to achieve high cleaning efficiency and to maintain high quality standards in products the “SE-25” is an ideal Machine. It is fully automatic, hazard free and its high impact and fast cleaning, in a definite period of time is a guaranteed means of achieving quality for cleaning tanks.

The heart of the “SE-25” is an internal hydraulic motor, powered by the cleaning fluid, which makes the nozzles perform a geared rotation around the vertical and horizontal axis automatically. The first cycle sees a coarse pattern on tank surface, density of spray is gradually increased as a full spray pattern is laid in the final cycle. The number of cycles required for proper cleaning usually depends on the cleaning distance‚ cleaning procedure and agent. For easily mobilized substances one cycle would be sufficient.

The speed of the turbine is directly proportional to the flow rate of the machine. The higher flow rate will result in high-speed rotation. To control the RPM of the machine flow rate is controlled through nozzles of various orifice sizes. A choice of nozzles is available to suit tank geometry and cleaning requirements. The “SE−25” is available in an end connection size of 1” BSP / NPT / BSPT with Female inlet. It is always recommended that the “SE-25” be rigidly screwed in a vertical position with a filter fitted in the supply line to avoid any foreign particles from entering the machine, further posing a threat to the machine movement and increasing wear, hence all supply lines should be flushed well prior to installation.

The “SE-25” is constructed in S. S. 316 with PTFE and PVDF the only other materials in contact with fluid. Its material of construction makes it possible to be used in hygiene environments such as food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industries.

The “SE-25” finds its application in Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other Industries, which require automatic and stringent tank cleaning duties.



The sanijet is a sturdy tank cleaning nozzle designed for rigorous washing. It consists of six flat jets. The rotating ball dispenses six powerful jet sprays to all the interior surfaces of the vessel. The sanijet derives its rotation from water pressure which in turn rotates the double ball bearing plates housed in the main body. These bearing plates ensure that when fitted the sanijet can perform in both upward and downward direction. Its simple design achieves great efficiency in Cleaning. The Sanijet can effectively clean tanks up to a maximum diameter of 2.5 metres at an operating pressure of 3.0 bar.

It is available in 4 different spray patterns 360°‚ 270° Upwards, 220° upwards and 180° downwards. It is manufactured out of S.S.316 and P.T.F.E. material with ball bearings out of hardened S.S. The sanijet is made available in 1/2” BSP / NPT and 3/4” BSP / NPT inlet connections. On special requests Tri clamp connections or Flanged end connections are also being supplied.


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