Siddharth has for long been associated with reputation for outstanding quality in tank cleaning equipment. We now proudly announce our new series for tank cleaning nozzles now available from stock. Our tank cleaning nozzles have for long been extensively used in industries such as pharmaceutical, dairy and breweries among others. We have now introduced a completely new production technology which enhances nozzle performance and quality such that it redefines the term cleaning.

Salient / Prominent features in addition to dependable cleansing operations, are - reduction in factors such as cleaning time, costs, water or any other cleaning media, and consumptions of chemicals and energy.

Siddharth self-powered gyro jet is used for cleaning large diameter tanks. It comprises of 13 No’s flat jets mounted on a circular disc. These jets are precisely positioned to provide complete orbital coverage. The disc is driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid. Its design consists of 3 parts.

1. The body 2. The disc and 3. The disc retainer.

These nozzles can be differentiated in 3 types depending on their coverage factor.

1. Can give a coverage of 360°
2. Can cover top 180°
3. Can cover bottom 180°

Material of construction is S.S.316 and P.T.F.E.

These nozzles are available in end connections of 1”BSP / NPT (F) − 3” BSP / NPT (F).



This tank cleaning nozzle is suggested where effective cleaning of Tanks, Vats, and Fermentors etc. of capacities up to 1000hl is required. Its main features are, reduction in cleaning time and consumption of water. It has two nozzles fitted on the rotating head which rotates either with pneumatic or electric drive. It can withstand cleaning pressure upto 35 bar. Material of construction being S.S.316