The Swiveling ball joint assembly allows the nozzles to be clamped in any desired position for exact control of spray direction. Any nozzle i.e. FULL CONE, FLAT FAN, HOLLOW CONE can be fitted on the swivel ball. The Ball can be rotated in any position in a angle of 60ยบ. The desired position is maintained the tightening the retainer nut.

The end connection is 1/8” ¼” & 3/8” BSP / NPT male / female. M.O.C.: BRASS & S. S.


The Full Cone cluster jet nozzle consists of 7 full cone nozzles fitted on to the nozzle body. These nozzles are interchangeable and provide a dense spray with a large coverage in a shower like pattern. The 7 nozzles over lapping each other generate a tremendous fog. A variation of fine or large droplet size atomization can be obtained varying the flow capacity


Siddharth Fog Jet nozzles create a dense fog spray of small sized droplets. It is a cluster of multiple Flat fan nozzles whose dense impact produces this fine atomizing spray. This nozzle is specially used for atomizing very high capacity of liquids that cannot be achieved through a single orifice.

Application: Desuperheating, dust suppression, cooling of steam, gaseous and solid material, mass transfer of gas etc.


The Trigger gun is designed for high impact washing. Its body can withstand high impacts and pressures. The gun is easily operated by sliding the trigger. The choice of nozzle required to create the required impact is fitted on to the gun head. These guns are available in a standard end connection of ¼ 1/4”BSP (F).


A Multiple jet as the name suggests has multiple ports drilled on the periphery of its body. Each port has a specific angle, which is meant to cover the insides of a tank entirely. These are mainly used to clean insides of small casks, barrels, tubes, pipes, etc. It is also used to inject steam, gas, or compressed air in order to circulate liquids. It is available in standard end connections of 1/8” BSP(F) − 1/2” BSP (F)



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