Siddharth Multiple Full cone nozzles create a dense fog spray of small sized droplets. It is a cluster of 7 hollow cone nozzles overlapping each other that produces this fine atomizing spray. This nozzle is specially used for atomizing very high capacity of liquids that cannot be achieved through a single orifice.

Application: Desuperheating, dust suppression, cooling of steam, gaseous and solid material, mass transfer of gas etc.



The clip eyelet clamp is economical and designed for easy installment and removal from the header. These can be fitted on various pipe sizes by drilling a hole in the pipe same as lug provided in the clip eyelet. The steel bracket is S.S. grade with spring tension clamps the clip on to the pipe. It fits on 1”/ 1.1/4” and 1.1/2” NB pipes. This clip eyelet is used in conjunction with a swivel ball and a retainer nut. Different types of nozzles i.e.: Flat fan, Hollow cone and Full cone can be fitted on to this swivel ball and the same can be swiveled to an angle of 60°. The desired position can then be maintained by tightening the retainer cap.

V-10 -500


Siddharth water jet Eductors find their application mainly in lifting, pumping, mixing and agitating of liquids. Construction of these nozzles is into three parts.

(1). A converging nozzle,
(2). A venturi and
(3). The body, which holds these parts together providing a mixing chamber. The working principle which involves passing pressurized liquid through the nozzle to entrain another liquid, mix the two and discharge the mixture against a counter pressure.

Eductors can be made from any machinable material depending on service conditions. Generally they are manufactured in cast iron, S.S., fiberglass etc.

V-25 -200

200 400