Siddharth has for long been associated with reputation for outstanding quality in tank cleaning equipment. We now proudly announce our new series for tank cleaning nozzles now available from stock. Our tank cleaning nozzles have for long been extensively used in industries such as pharmaceutical, dairy and breweries among others. We have now introduced a new line of Tank cleaning nozzles with a completely new production technology which enhances nozzle performance and quality such that it redefines the term cleaning.

Salient features in addition to dependable cleansing operations, are - reduction in factors such as cleaning time, costs, water or any other cleaning media, and consumptions of chemicals and energy.

The tank cleaning nozzles are constructed in S. S. 316 with PTFE and PVDF the only other materials in contact with fluid. Its material of construction makes it possible to be used in hygiene environments such as food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industries.


SpecialThe above is a listing of our products normally carried in stock. We will be pleased to assist you in your requirement for special nozzles to comply with special applications