Siddharth Full cone spray nozzles give a uniform circular and square shape sprays. These nozzles are precisely designed and manufactured to close tolerances for uniform spray distribution and reliable performances. These nozzles are made available in 2 fundamentally different swirling principles. − The Axial Full cone & The Tangential Full cone.

The axial full cone has an ‘X’ shaped insert that enables uniform distribution, reduces clogging and produces wide angles. Its main function though is controlling the discharge and spray angles.

The Tangential entry full cone is a unique design without any inserts thus making it clog resistant. This is made possible due to the wide inlet and outlets, which creates a maximum free passage for the liquid. All this is achieved without any distortion or fluctuation in the spray.

End connections: These nozzles are available in screwed end connections to a maximum of 4” BSP / NPT − Male / Female whereas larger sizes are provided with flanged end connections.

Material of construction usually being Brass, S.S., Hastalloy, P.T.F.E. or any other machinable material as per process requirements.

These nozzles find application in cooling quenching, coke, dust suppression, scrubbing of flue gases, removing of fly ash etc.

These nozzles give a circular spray pattern. The uniform distribution is throughout the circular area. The ‘X’ shape insert imparts a rotational speed to the fluid and thereby controlling the discharge and spray angle.



The Square pattern full cone nozzle is similar to the conventional full cone nozzle. The only distinguishing feature is the notch machined in a cross pattern on the nozzle inlet or a square flat machined within the periphery of the nozzle inlet depending on the spray coverage required. This profile produces the square spray pattern.