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About Us

Siddharth is recognized by customers, designers & consultants as one of the leading manufacturers in precision spray nozzles and spraying systems. We enjoy an outstanding reputation for supplying products of the highest quality and services that exceed customer expectation. Our Quality system is approved according to the ISO 9001.2000 norms.

At Siddharth we design, manufacture and develop different types of spray nozzles, their accessories and various state of the art Tank cleaning machines of superior quality using the most modern technology.

We are committed to offering solutions to your problems. The advantages for customers are manifold due to access to a wider range of products from a single convenient source. Our broad line of products also enables us to solve various spray problems and simultaneously developing new designs to meet specific requirements of a very diverse customer base. Supplying nozzles tailor made to customer specifications has always been our forte. As such we have supplied nozzles with very close tolerances for a critical application to I.S.R.O. We also manufacture and stock standard nozzles to assure prompt and dependable service.

All these developments are made possible due to our in−house testing facility where flow pattern, spray coverage, spray distribution, spray impact & other spray details are thoroughly checked at different pressures. This stringent testing ensures a consistency in achieving optimum performance in process requirement & maintaining high quality standards. These nozzles are available mainly in AISI 304/ 316 and other materials such as Brass‚ AISI 410, Hastalloy − C‚ Monel‚ Titanium, P.P.‚ PTFE‚ PVDF etc. On request nozzles from other machinable materials can also be supplied. We also supply our customers with complete technical documents for proper production application.

Our spray nozzles are widely used in various fields for precision and quality. Steel‚ Cement‚ Chemical‚ Petrochemical‚ Pulp & paper industries etc are some of the industries to which our nozzles are frequently supplied. Also our products are certified for specific applications within Dairies‚ Food & Beverage‚ Brewery‚ Marine & Pharmaceutical industries.
Our products are successfully marketed and supplied nationwide and are also being exported globally.

We value your comments and opinions about our products and services. If you have a comment or information you’d like to share or know‚
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